12 Inch Realistic Bone Prop Decoration Promotions

12 Inch Realistic Bone Prop Decoration Promotions
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Have you heard about the body-snatching craze in the 1800s? People weren't stealing jewelry or clothing, they were stealing the fresh cadaver that had recently been interred. The dawning medical revolution was producing a market for bodies for students to study. The body-snatching got so bad that families went to great lengths to protect their dearly departed. They used cages called mortsafes which covered the graves to hinder pesky resurrection men. Graveyards would post people to keep watch throughout the night and even load booby traps that would set off if people would disturb the coffin. All that being said, when it comes to becoming a grave robber, do you think you have what it takes?

Product Details

This gritty bone is cast from plastic but looks like it has been freshly dug up. Now you can feel like you've done that gritty job without dealing with those pesky mortsafes. A foot-long, this realistically cast bone is dusted with a dirty look, making it a great touch for your zombie or graveyard scene. Check out the rest of our graveyard decor with items like gravestones, lightweight chains, and all sorts of skeletons and skulls to set the grave scene you've whipped up in your imagination.

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