12 pc Halloween Spider Set Promotions

12 pc Halloween Spider Set Promotions
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Needs More Spiders

We don't get it. Tons of people are really freaked out by spiders. Those eight-legged little critters are just trying to live their life, eatin' up bugs and spinnin' webs. It seems kind of unfair to call them creepy. And yet... they kind of are. It's what makes them a common staple in Halloween decorations over the years. Well, whether you find them creepy or totally cool, this 12 piece Halloween Spider Set is exactly the thing that you need for the Halloween season!

Product Details

Do you know what your life needs? More spiders. Specifically, 12 of them. Sounds crazy, right? Well, just hear us out on this one! These little buggers come in a pack of 12 and are molded to look like squirming little arachnids. Of course, they're not real, so you don't have to worry them moving around! You can place them around your home during a costume party. You can hide them in the pantry to give your significant other a real scare. You can even use them to freak out your cat.

A Side of Spiderwebs

Make sure you pick up some spiderwebs to go with these little guys! After all, each one is going to need a home if they want to spook your guests!

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