13" Bleeding Hatchet Promotions

13" Bleeding Hatchet Promotions
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The Weapon of Choice

We've watched a ton of horror movies. We've noticed something very important. Every great horror movie villain carries some kind of deadly weapon. Some villains go for the simple butcher knife. Others wield a glove full of blades. We've even seen a few movies where the big baddie terrorizes their victims with a rumbling chainsaw! Well, if you're planning on dressing up like a true horror villain, then you're definitely going to need a weapon that inspires fear... and carrying around a chainsaw seems like a bit of a chore, doesn't it? How about something a little more classic, like this Bleeding Hatchet? It's frightening, lightweight, and it doesn't make loud, grating noise all of the time like a chainsaw does!

Product Details

This simple axe accessory adds a terrifying touch to any costume. The axe has a plastic construction and is shaped like a standard hatchet that you might see in the scenes of a scary movie. It measures 13 inches long. And the best part about it? Fake blood oozes around inside the faux blade for gruesome effect! Just move the hatchet around and it looks like the blood is splattering around inside of it.

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