20" Bone Saw Prop Promotions

20" Bone Saw Prop Promotions
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Doctor Danger

We've been wondering about Doctor Odd for a while now. He's seemed even more... well odd than ever. Our first hint was when he forbade anyone from making eye contact with him. Then he started to wear a tin foil hat to cover his head instead of the typical doctor's cap. And when he started scheduling all his appointments in between the hours of 10 at night and 3 in the morning, he started really losing customers. So when he dumped all the standard surgical instruments for much more menacing props, were we surprised? No. Worried? Totally!

Product Details

This silver saw is the perfect prop to finish off your mad scientist or zombie nurse costume. It's lightweight and soft so you can tuck it under your arm for easy transport. Unhinged surgeons will love the way the handle fits in their hands. High shine makes the prop stand out for an eerie nightmare feel!

Sharp Thinking

Adding props to any ensemble is always a good idea. Perfect for posing for the camera, you'll want to whip out this eerie tool for multitudes of costumes. Want to get in character? Let loose with a maniacal laugh and you'll know you made the right prop decision!

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