22" Orange Glowsticks Pack of 5 Promotions

22" Orange Glowsticks Pack of 5 Promotions
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Get your Glow Right

Get your glow right! You know what we mean. Glow-in-the-dark effects do the job but we say you oughta pack a little extra visual effect into your costume. Glow sticks are a tried and true method of lighting up the night, and best part of all, there are no batteries required. When an orange glow would add the perfect ambiance for your costume, all you gotta do is grab this 5 pack of orange 22" glowsticks. Snap 'em, loop 'em, and attach 'em as desired, and you'll have some orange effects for your Halloween getup!

Product Details

These extra-long orange glow sticks are the perfect accessory for already orange costumes like a pumpkin suit, or to mix and match with other colored glow sticks for a rainbow effect. This pack comes with 5 22-inch long glowsticks and connectors to loop. Just snap them in the middle to activate the glowing effect. Recommended for ages 3 and up, these glow sticks are a great accessory to complete any adult or child costume!

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