22" Purple Glowsticks Pack of 5 Promotions

22" Purple Glowsticks Pack of 5 Promotions
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Purple Haze

Are you ready for a purple haze? We bet you are! We know that you've been working hard on crafting your costume persona, and you've got the style nearly locked in. You're musically infused, with equal parts funk and EDM. Well, next step's next, we've got to take your costume to the next level. We'll give you a touch of advice here if you don't mind listening to some pretty serious costume experts. Enhance your ambiance!

That's right, sometimes ambiance is the costume pieces you pick, and sometimes it extra effects touches that give you an amazing vibe. Take these Purple Glowsticks for example. Without them, you're just a regular musician looking to rock out on stage. But, with them strategically attached to your costume, you're a full-blown superstar with a perfectly purple aura!

Product Details

This Purple Glowsticks Set comes with 5 purple glowsticks, each one measures 22 inches long. It comes with connectors to loop and connect as desired. Recommended for ages 3 and up, these glowsticks make a great addition to any adult or child costume. And, they make for a pretty groovy party accessory for other events, too!

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