25 Ct. Halloween Bloody Hand Prints 16 oz. Party Cups Promotions

25 Ct. Halloween Bloody Hand Prints 16 oz. Party Cups Promotions
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Plenty of gore in store

Hosting a Halloween party is a great honor. It's more exciting than any other holiday, in our extremely biased opinion. You've got a lot of wiggle room when it comes to putting together these macabre affairs. You can take your refreshments as far as you want. We love chocolate dipped ladyfingers or a face made of processed meats. Drinks are even more expansive. You can serve drinks with a deep red color or one that is smoky and spooky looking. The thing is, no matter what you might be serving, the effect is ruined if you're serving your beverages in run-of-the-mill dishes. So, if you have the honor of hosting a Halloween affair this year, make your refreshments memorable with these lovely blood-spattered cups.

Product Details

You'll get twenty-five cups with this macabre dishware set. They carry sixteen ounces of liquid. Every white cup has a red drip design to make your vampires and ghouls feel right at home.

Ghosty Gala

If you're ready to have people over this Halloween, we have everything you need to make your party space spooky. From table toppers to grisly backdrops, we've got some wild ways to make your party memorable!