30" x 60" Bloody Mess Door Cover Promotions

30" x 60" Bloody Mess Door Cover Promotions
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More Gore

We want to provide some of the best Halloween decorations on the planet, so we're always keen on taking some feedback about our decorations. We kept getting some of the same responses about our selection.

Scarier, they told us. More gruesome, they told us. More blood, they told us. Well, we aim to please... so feast your eyes on this bloody mess, horror fans! This Bloody Mess Door Cover makes your home look a little like the beginning of a gory scene from a ghastly horror film... and it has enough bloody details to freak out even the bravest of horror fans!

Product Details

The faint of heart should steer clear of this Bloody Mess Door Cover! The simple decoration measures 30 inches by 60 inches, so it should fit over most standard doors. It has the image of a house front door on it... with horrifying blood graphics all over it. Various blood smears, handprints, and splatters decorate the cover. It even has "Welcome" scrawled out on the front in a bloody red color. Of course, it's not REAL blood, but it does look quite realistic, making it an easy choice for any horror fan gearing up their home for Halloween.

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