6" Jungle Glowsticks 4 Pack Promotions

6" Jungle Glowsticks 4 Pack Promotions
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Welcome to the Jungle, Baby

The jungle is a wild place. At least, that's what popular songs from the late 80s would have us believe. It seems like a dark, yet adventurous place. Anything can happen. Danger, excitement, teased hair that reaches the ceiling of a room... all of it is on the menu when you're headed to the jungle. Well, if that's where you're headed, then we highly recommend bringing a few glowsticks with you.

Product Details

These Jungle Glowsticks measure 6 inches tall and come in a pack of 4. They come in wild designs that infuse the high energy of the 80s along with the wild aesthetic of the jungle. Each one has a different design on the exterior including tiger, zebra, cheetah, and pink leopard designs. They're quite easy to use—just bend them, shake it, and watch it start to glow! The glowing can last up to 10 hours, ensuring you'll have a healthy glow about you for quite some time!

Learn to Live Like an Animal

If you plan on heading to the wilds, or just a wild party, then you'll definitely need to stock up on these Jungle Glowsticks. They're a must-have for any jungle-bound adventurer.

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