8 Scary Bottle Labels Set Promotions

8 Scary Bottle Labels Set Promotions
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Chilling Refreshments

No self-respecting Halloween host would serve up regular beverages at their haunted house party. Okay, they probably would, choosing the refreshments isn’t even half the party-planning battle, and when it’s time to make everything come together for the big event time-savers are magic! But that doesn’t mean you have to let the labeling on your bottled drinks break the illusion you’re trying to create. Serve up a spooky buffet full of all those Halloween-themed treats and give your beverage line an eerie makeover with these Scary Bottle Labels!

Product Details

Turn all your sodas, juices, and other beverages into Halloween potions with this set of 8 decorative labels. Each label measures 5.25 inches by 4.25 inches and features a different image and chilling new name for whatever you’re serving. Simply peel off the protective covering from the back and cover your chosen beverage with the self-adhesive label.

A Witch's Brew

Throwing a Halloween party and want to brew up a unique drink? Transform all your chosen ingredients into something straight off a witch’s shelf with this set of 8 Scary Bottle Labels! Then, when your friends ask what’s in the delicious punch you can say there’s something a little stronger than lime soda and grenadine in the mix!

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