Adhesive Masquerade Black Face Jewels Promotions

Adhesive Masquerade Black Face Jewels Promotions
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Inconvenient Beauty

When your friend invited you to their first ever masquerade party, you didn’t hesitate to accept and immediately started planning your costume. Obviously, you’d need an extravagant ensemble. Clothing aside, you knew the most important detail is your mask. Jewels, lace, ribbon, and feather decorations give you all the flair appropriate for a masquerade. But, your options for wearing the mask—tie it around your head or hold it on a stick—don’t get you excited. And while you don’t want to sacrifice your look just for convenience, you want to be able to dance, snack, and sip the night away without needing to retie your mask or only having one free hand.

Product Details

Luckily, you found us! These Black Masquerade Adhesive Face Jewels are the perfect compromise for your party style! This costume accessory has all the glitz and glam of your dream mask without the hassle of ties or handles. Simply adhere the imitation gems to your face and you’re set for your glamorous evening!

Be Jeweled

Mystery, beauty, and convenience combine to make this masquerade mask the must-have accessory for your Halloween costume. Whether you’re attending a full Renaissance-themed gala or creating your own masked character, these face jewels have you covered!