Adult Bullet Belt Promotions

Adult Bullet Belt Promotions
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Geared Up Guys and Gals only

So, you're suiting up for a revolution? Or maybe it's an apocalyptic showdown. Nothing says post-apocalyptic like a belt made of bullets. Sure, there are other things to focus on. Someone needs to scout the enemy forces, see what they're up too. Others need to prepare the armory. And someone should probably be looking at the night sky, thinking of their lost love who's stuck somewhere on the other side of the barricade. Wait, who let a Les Mis fan write this paragraph??This isn't some old-school French Revolution. We're talking war accessories here! Well, it's actually pretend warfare, and as far as we know, modern civilization hasn't fallen to zombie hoards just yet.

Product Details and Design

This bullet belt is designed by us! It's 56 six inches long, making it great for draping around a shoulder or throwing around your waist. The bullets have a high shine, making sure any enemies will see how well stocked your arsenal is at all times. And by enemies, we mean zombies, of course.

Ready for Anything

So, maybe you're a zombie apocalypse survivor and you're making your way through a zombie bar crawl. Or maybe you're simply giving your Army look an upgrade. Or maybe it's a little bit of both. Either way, you're sure to enjoy having this in your costume arsenal! But be sure you use it safely and never flash weapons around the unsuspecting! We like to keep things fun around here and you should too.

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