Adult French Maid Costume - Women's

Adult French Maid Costume - Women's

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One of the best things about people is that there are so many of them, each with their own personality. Some drink coffee, while others drink tea. Some people like chess, while others prefer checkers. Some don't mind a couple of empty cans or bottles here or there, while other people can't stand the thought of a couple dirty dishes in the sink.

At times, these simple differences can make life really tough. But when it comes to costumes, variety truly is the spice of life. Sure, there may be plenty of times when certain people fight like cats and dogs. But at Halloween, those same people can put their quarrel aside for one day and have a great time dressing up like adorable puppies and kittens together. And afterward, they can choose to stash their outfits away in case they need a special reminder not to sweat the little things.

We believe that embracing our differences makes people feel good, and we're all for it. So you can be a neat freak or a little sloppy in your habits and still enjoy wearing something like this Adult French Maid Costume. Maybe wearing it puts you more in touch with your inner cleaner-upper. Maybe it's an ironic departure from your normal laissez-faire attitude toward housekeeping. Part of the fun is that it somebody else might enjoy it for a completely different reason And whatever appeal the outfit holds for you, we're sure you'll make it look great. Just don't forget your feather duster!

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