Adult Goddess Costume Promotions

Adult Goddess Costume Promotions
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Remember when wicked villains are granted near unlimited power through the granted wishes of powerful genies or the acquisition of other mighty relics?Their ambitions are always to obtain the greatest amount of power possible with as few restrictions as they could imagine.It leads them to wishing to become powerful sultans, rulers of vast kingdoms.Some wish for mighty wizardry or, in the foolish choice of one Arabian Night’s court sorcerer / advisor, to become a genie, himself.Even after warned that genies have ultimate cosmic power that is severely limited both by rules of ‘geniedom’ and, of course, relatively tiny living space… even if rent is excellent.

Their very wishes lead them to limitations that bring about their undoing.You’d think after planning for so many years that they would have come up with better options!Like… godhood.We’ve seen hundreds of wizards and witches and there are, presumably, just as many kings and even emperors… but how many gods do we still hear about these days?The Greeks, of course, have lasted long into the modern stories, probably because they always have the most scandalous stories… not to mention untouchable style!

We think it is time to test the limitations of godhood and you look like you’d make the perfect deity.We can trust you with the power of the immortal and heavens-dwelling gods, right?… Either way, we’ve got you ready with your divine raiment, the Adult Goddess costume.As is appropriate of the mighty deities, your power shines through the elegant and simple sleeveless empire-waist dress.It is fully lined in a chiffon bodice and is trimmed in shimmering black and gold design that perfectly contrasts and accentuates the ivory white of the gown.Your heavenly crown is in the form of a golden leaved laurel headband.Bring the whole family to the divine realm with the Child Goddess outfit, too!

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