Adult Gorilla Shoe Covers Promotions

Adult Gorilla Shoe Covers Promotions
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Science tells us that evolution takes place only through natural selection and over an extended period of time and that it doesn't go backwards, per se. But, all our favorite shows tell us that we can look forward to many possible sudden leaps in near-mystical mutations.

It's tough to know which team to side with. After all, the idea that we can't ever develop monster gorilla feet that will help us run up buildings and hang from our feet makes us incredibly sad. And, who likes a sad monkey!?


Well, get your de-evolution on as quick as King Kong can get to swatting planes out of the sky with our exclusive Gorilla Shoe Covers. Made in-house by our team of missing-link hybrids, these shoe covers fit over your feet or shoe with an elastic strap on the bottom and matte vinyl primate toes and long-pile black fur over the tops. Match with a gorilla suit or just enjoy showing off your monkey toes!


No longer will you stare at your feet, waiting for them to sprout thick, luxurious gorilla fur. Slip on our Gorilla Shoe Covers and feel the might of the most powerful primate in a single moment! Better yet, you'll avoid those embarrassing monkey-in-sneakers fax pas with these faux paws!

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