Adult Harry Potter Ravenclaw Robe Costume Promotions

Adult Harry Potter Ravenclaw Robe Costume Promotions

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A Simple Test

Can you single-handedly take first place in a Harry Potter trivia night? Oh, you did already? You must be a Ravenclaw. Let's see if we can stump you with some trivia about your own house then...

What is the Grey Lady's real name? How did she die? What is the animal associated with Ravenclaw house? How about the house colors? How does a Ravenclaw gain entrance into the common room? Do you know what element Ravenclaw corresponds to? If you didn't answer Helena Ravenclaw, murdered by the Bloody Baron, an eagle, blue and bronze, answering a question, and air, then you might want to revisit the Sorting Hat. The hat isn't known to get it wrong, but we do question a couple of Ravenclaw placements. Gilderoy Lockhart for example (who must have been sorted based solely on his originality).

Chances are, you did get the answers right because you're a Harry Potter trivia master and of course from the smartest Hogwarts house. As such you are ready to head back to the trivia circuit armed with any new detail you've come across in your extensive study of the wizarding world.

Product Details

Whether you're heading to another trivia night or heading to a Halloween party, show up in style. When you wear this Ravenclaw Robe, any crowd you're a part of will know that they've encountered a wise and witty individual. The rich black robe's hood is lined with the signature blue and features the eagle emblem stitched on the front of the robe. This unisex robe offers all creative Ravenclaws the chance to show off their house pride.

Accepted Eccentricities

Based on our little test, it's easy to see you're a true Ravenclaw. Make sure the rest of the world can't doubt your magical intelligence and wear this exclusive Ravenclaw Robe for the next gathering you're off to. Even if it's an unrelated theme, any other witch or wizard will recognize your daring for the uniqueness of a Ravenclaw.

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