Adult King Neptune Wig and Beard Set Promotions

Adult King Neptune Wig and Beard Set Promotions
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Under the Sea Edicts

It's your first day as Neptune, ruler of the seas. What's on your agenda? Are you sending armies of stinging jellyfish to punish tourists that let their wrappers and cans blow into the ocean while they laze on the beach? Have you decided to start a cross-species synchronized swimming competition? Or perhaps you simply want to explore the deep-sea terrain in your underwater chariot tugged by a million tiny sea horses. Now that we think about it, maybe you should upgrade your transportation. Sea horses are not an efficient means of travel. Whatever your royal decrees might be, you'll have the authority to make them so when you're wearing this regal King Neptune wig and beard set. Everyone knows that sea creatures don't respect a man without a beard!

Design & Details

This brilliantly white wig and beard set will make you stand out as a god among men or sea creatures. The shaggy look is inspired by ancient Roman artwork, with face-framing shag and a dignified, solid-looking beard. The beard straps to your face with an elastic band. A hole for the mouth allows you to speak clearly, which is a good thing because sound does strange things under the sea!

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