Adult Rainbow Birthday Cake Plush Hat Promotions

Adult Rainbow Birthday Cake Plush Hat Promotions
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Your Greatest Bake

You've been watching baking shows since you were little, and there's one thing you've learned from tinkering around in your kitchen—it always looks easier than it is to bake, frost, and decorate the perfect cake! And as much as you love to bake, you're just not a star baker. Your creations taste great, but look a bit clumsy, and if you have to write anything on a cake? Forget it! Not gonna happen.

A perfect rainbow cake is even trickier, and it takes a lot of time and practice. Luckily, there is this Adult Rainbow Birthday Cake Plush Hat for your BFF's big day. You promised her a rainbow cake—you did not say it would be edible. And bonus! This cake's candles never flicker out, the frosting never melts, and you can enjoy the whole entire thing without feeling sick to your stomach. What a clever one you are!

Product Details

This fabulously festive hat takes all the guesswork out of bake times and flavors—it's just pure birthday fun! Whether your pal is ringing in a new decade of life or just planning a fun night out on the town for a low-key birthday, this hat adds sweetness for their next trip around the sun. It's fully adjustable, too!

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