Adult Supreme Leprechaun Hat Promotions

Adult Supreme Leprechaun Hat Promotions
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Follow the Rainbow

Top o’ the mornin’ to ye, my fine fellow! And what would ye be doing out and about so early in the day, without your normal coffee and six donuts for sustenance? It’s been a rainy week, ye say? Looking for a pot of gold, ye say? Ah, and I'd invest all the gold wisely for your retirement, no doubt! ….I'd build a castle made entirely of marshmallows? Well, that’s kind of an investment, I suppose.

Product Details

Well now, that pot of gold isn’t just there for the askin’! We leprechauns must determine whether a seeker is worthy of the supreme privilege of finding our well-hidden gold. To prove yourself, take this oversized leprechaun hat and wear it for a day – to a family reunion, a St. Patrick’s Day shindig, or just around the house. ‘Tis no punishment to do, since it’s soft and comfortable (and fashionable, as all leprechauns know!) It tests your mettle to see whether ye look as awesome in leprechaun garb as the real Wee Men do! May the luck of the Irish be with ye!

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