Adult Sweet Scarecrow Poncho - Women's

Adult Sweet Scarecrow Poncho - Women's
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Sweet or Scary?

Scarecrows have been used all over the world for thousands of years to do just what their name says—scare away crows. Farmers put them in fields to discourage birds from eating seeds or crops. Some people see them as scary, and some villains even dress as them. We understand how it could be a little spooky to see one in a field at night and think it’s a person. However, we think cheerful scarecrows are a fantastic part of autumn celebrations! After all, they’re only meant to scare birds, not people. Plus, they’re fun to make yourself. If you do, you can make them as sweet or scary as you want. With a little stuffing and a smile, a scarecrow can be the cutest thing in your garden!

Product Details

This Adult Sweet Scarecrow Poncho is an adorable option when you’re looking for a festive outfit that won’t scare away trick-or-treaters. The plaid fabric complete with patches will make you the sweetest scarecrow they’ll meet! And it’s easy to be comfortable when you’re wearing this poncho since you can wear whatever clothes you like underneath it. The faux straw around the edges and collar gives it the look of an authentic scarecrow. Add a hat and a little face paint to complete the look! You can even make it a group costume by having some friends dress as crows, farmers, or some farm animals. No matter how you decide to wear it, you’ll love this cute scarecrow poncho!

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