Adult Toy Story Woody Comfy Throw Promotions

Adult Toy Story Woody Comfy Throw Promotions
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A Friend in Need

Can you think of another toy that is as helpful as Woody? If Andy needed a hero for his playtime adventures, Woody stepped up. When Jessie and Bullseye wanted a new life, he led the way. While Lotso plotted the toys’ demise, Woody helped come up with a way to escape. Whenever Bonnie was nervous about something new, Woody came along for moral support. Even when Woody was put second to Forky, he made sure Bonnie had what she needed.

It really seems that Woody would do anything for the ones he loves. Which is why seeing him as a blanket, isn’t surprising! Sure, we were a little startled to see him transformed in such a way, but it makes complete sense. After all, if his friends are in need of comfort, a blanket is sure to help!

Product Details

Bring a new best friend home with this Toy Story - Woody Comfy Throw for adults! When you’re laid up at home on the couch, the super-soft throw blanket will keep you cozy while you rest. The 48-inch by 71-inch blanket features sleeves so you’ll still be able to use your hands while being wrapped in warmth. Don’t worry about spilling snacks or drinks while you cuddle up for movie night, this blanket is machine washable for easy clean-up.


Whether you’re settling in for a Toy Story movie marathon or just in need of a relaxing nap, this Toy Story – Woody Comfy Throw is ready to be your best blanket friend forever!