Adult Viking Warrior Mask Promotions

Adult Viking Warrior Mask Promotions

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Do you hear that horn? It's the sound of the Gjallarhorn, and the its piercing sound echoing through the fjords can only mean one thing... that it's time for battle! Your best bet is to round up the livestock, bring the kids in, and grab your trusty battleaxe to answer the call of Hemidallr. And of course, grab something to cover your skull too! We know that when the swords and axes start flying around, they're nothing that can ruin your day like blunt force trauma to the skull. Wait, you do have a Viking helmet, right?

If you forgot to add a warrior helmet to your Viking costume ensemble, have no fear, because is here to save the day! This detailed mask is made and designed by us, and has a serious look that will make any cosplayer feel like a feared Viking warrior. Thick latex gives the appearance of a iron forged metal helmet, and inverted horns will provide the barbarian style that made the north men famous. Complete your authentic costume with this helmet mask, and you'll be ready for battle. (But you might want to hurry down to the boat. We don't hear that horn blaring any more!)

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