America Stars and Stripes Beer Pong Balls Promotions

America Stars and Stripes Beer Pong Balls Promotions
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Stars, Stripes, and Suds

There are so many ways to celebrate your patriotism on the Fourth of July. Everyone has their favorites. Some people live for the moment that the sun goes down and you get to light up your sparklers, writing their name in streaks of light. Other people put on full polyester uniforms in the hot July sun and march in a band for the yearly parade. Some people take to the water, rocking red, white, and blue swimming suits and slathering themselves in sunscreen as classic rock tunes blast from a tinny Bluetooth speaker. And some, fun-loving people, play the same drinking games they know and love with a flair of patriotic color scheme. If you're planning a Fourth of July party, make sure your beer pong table fits with the theme and invest in some patriotic balls!

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Make your Fourth of July party stand apart from the standard, less patriotic parties with this set of ping pong balls, this year! A set of six decorated with stars, there's enough to keep you playing all day with teams of two. But wait... Where are the stripes? Line up those Solo cups and you'll be in the pink. Or should we say, the red, white, and blue?

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