Anna Adult Frozen 2 Wig Promotions

Anna Adult Frozen 2 Wig Promotions
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A Quest for Change

After so many years of the same old and then a surprising blast of winter in mid-summer, you'd think that the people of Arendelle would be comfortable with small change. But, as they say, some things never change in Arendelle! That is until Anna gets her way, of course. She's never been much for hanging around with nothing new going on, after all!

So, whether it was the sudden voice chatting up Elsa or the approach of the crisp scent of fall, Anna was ready to let her hair down and enjoy the changes! Gone are those pigtail braids. It's all about wavy free looks with just enough of a delightful crown that everything will stay in place. (What is with that blustery wind, while we're talking about that!?)

Product Details

Make sure that your Anna look is on-point when you celebrate the coming of autumn and the mysteries of the seasons of Frozen 2. We can help make that happen with this officially licensed Anna wig. This is a head of synthetic hair on a mesh cap, so it is a comfortable fit with the style Anna sports in the new film kept securely in place.

Take the Right Look!

Whether sailing down the river of memories or trying to keep Elsa from leaping into the flames, Anna's quick mind knows what is the right path to go. Keep a head of hair just as bright as her wit with this officially licensed wig!

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