Anne Geddes Infant Bee Costume Promotions

Anne Geddes Infant Bee Costume Promotions

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If you love babies then you are probably a pretty big fan of the famous photographer Anne Geddes. You know, the baby whisperer! We don't know if anyone has actually called her that but they should! Her photos of babies are unmatched! She believes every baby is beautiful and it is up to the artist to capture that essence of natural joy, which she does so wonderfully with every picture.

If you are a fan of her work then you probably recognize this lovely Infant Bee Costume instantly! If you have yet to check out her art, we are sure you've still taken note of this absolutely adorable costume! How could one not? Whether you are trying to recreate some of the works from Geddes or you just want to dress your babe up in something cute for this coming Halloween, this Bee Costume is perfect! Imagine the ear-to-ear smile that your newborn will be wearing when you slip them into this fuzzy bumble bee outfit. You'll have the cutest and coziest baby in the neighborhood! And imagine if your little bee learned from the other bees around, maybe she'll pick up on a few 'bee-havioral'traits and learn how to pollinate that garden you've been working on. If that were to happen then you'd have the best-looking kiddo and the most beautiful garden on the block!

While you wait for your baby to pick up on the whole pollination thing make sure to have your camera ready! Take as many pictures while you can now because one day your little bundle of joy is going to grow up to be a very busy bee!

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