Antique Dragonfly Gear Steampunk Pin Promotions

Antique Dragonfly Gear Steampunk Pin Promotions
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Interesting Insects

When we think about steampunk-themed items, we usually think of mechanics. After all, the idea is to consider what our world would look like if we still ran things on steam instead of other forms of energy. We don’t always wonder what mechanical animals would look like. Here’s one imagining of an awesome insect! We’ve always been a little disappointed that dragonflies don’t actually look like miniature dragons. However, they’re still really cool! They have 4 wings instead of the typical 2, which is pretty neat, and they come in so many different colors. In the steampunk world, they’re made of metal so they’re a little less vibrant, but their wings are still beautiful!

Product Details

Add the perfect gear-themed accessory to your steampunk outfit with this antique dragonfly gear pin! It has gears to emulate that antique style while keeping the shape of the fascinating bug, and attaches with a safety pin to minimize stabbing. Use it to complete your costume or send it to a friend as a fantastic steampunk gift!

Don’t Bug Me!

If you’re obsessed with the imaginary era of gears and steam, this antique dragonfly gear steampunk pin is for you. Its beautiful insect design merges the natural with the artificial, and is a great accessory for your next costume!