Assassins Creed: Jacob Hidden Knife Cane Promotions

Assassins Creed: Jacob Hidden Knife Cane Promotions
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So you’re an assassin! Listen, we get it - sometimes you don’t choose the assassin life, the assassin life chooses you. But take comfort, friend - even though you basically kill people for a living, you also have the kind of job that requires that you do it with stealth and style, so you might as well embrace it, right? Do what you can with what you got, etc etc.

Thus, we suggest you live your best assassin life by filling your arsenal with the baddest, sickest tools for killin’, like this Hidden Knife Cane! This particular one is designed to look like the one used by Master Assassin Jacob Frye (that’s Sir Jacob Frye, if you’re nasty), the man credited with destroying Grand Master Crawford Starrick's power over London and helping to keep the Templars' influence at bay during the Victorian era. Yet he couldn't have done any of that without his trusty Hidden Knife Cane! So make sure to grab your own to complete your Assassins Creed costume this year for Halloween or any cosplay event!

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