Assorted Colors Strawberry Bump Flashing Ring Promotions

Assorted Colors Strawberry Bump Flashing Ring Promotions
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People know that when it comes to your fashion sense, they should expect the unexpected. You wouldn't be caught wearing 'what everyone else is wearing' because you march to the beat of your own drummer. (Go you!) You don't shop for what's in style, you shop for apparel and accessories you genuinely like which is how you arrived here, staring at the strawberry bump flashing ring. It's not like other rings because it also doubles as a captivating light-show once the ring is tapped or squeezed. It's a fun and convenient way to casually announce that it's time to party. You can also bet no one else is sporting such a unique piece of party-jewelry.


The soft light-up ring is made from a jelly-like material. Give it a gentle squeeze to reveal mesmerizing colorful flashes of light. Batteries are also included but please note, you will randomly receive ONE of SIX colors. You may receive a blue, pink, green, yellow, purple or orange ring. There's no way to guarantee which color you'll receive!


We recommend buying strawberry bump flashing rings in bulk and passing them out as gifts to all your party guests. They look great when the lights are dimmed and everyone's having a blast on the dance floor.

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