Avengers Mighty Captain Marvel Adult Comfy Throw - Women's

Avengers Mighty Captain Marvel Adult Comfy Throw - Women's
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Cozy Carol

A day at work for Carol Danvers can be a doozy. When she's not busting apart Thanos' starships with her bare hands, she's keeping an eye on her Flerken kitty pal, or trying to battle against super-powered aliens. She also assists the Avengers whenever things go completely sideways on Earth! If any woman could use a nice sofa session, it's her. That's basically what this Captain Marvel Comfy Throw is all about. It's designed for some superhero style relaxing after a hard day's of work (that may or may not include a full day of whooping some bad guy butt). Of course, if it's good enough for a superhero like Carol Danvers, then we think you should be able to make good use of it too!

Product Details

Get ready for some ultra-cozy superhero work! This Captain Marvel Adult Comfy Throw comes licensed from the Avengers and it does a great job of recreating her iconic costume in a vibrant print on the front and back. It even showcases the gold star symbol on the front of the chest. The throw fits like a robe and is made out of a super soft fleece material. That means it's great for taking a little catnap on the couch with your Flerken pal. The real next level on this costume is to use it for your next costume party! If you want to guarantee that you're the most comfortable person at the party, this comfy throw is a surefire way to do it.


You don't need any superpowers to use this Captain Marvel comfy throw. You just need a strong sense of justice and the courage to plop down on the couch for a nice recharge session. You could even invite a few friends over for a superhero slumber party in your new comfy digs!

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