Bat Silhouettes Promotions

Bat Silhouettes Promotions
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Fright on the Fly

You're on a nice walk around the neighborhood. The night is peaceful, quiet. Then, suddenly, a black-winged creature starts swooping around your head! Is there any feeling like the panic that a bat swooping too close to your head causes? Sure, they're probably just trying to snack on the mosquitoes that are trying to snack on you but there's something deep down inside us that tells us to run, run, and never look back. While bats are mostly harmless, their wicked-looking wings and night-dwelling ways make them the perfect creature to represent your spooky side this Halloween.

Product Details

Make your home perfectly batty with these cutout bat silhouettes! Hang them up around your home with string or fishing line for a free-flying illusion. Hang them from the ceiling of your porch to freak out trick-or-treaters or your dining room light to give your party snack table a special, spooky vibe. Lightweight and plentiful, these stiff bats created out of cardstock can create an elegant or playful design, depending on how you use them. The perfect way to bring out the batty side of your spooky season decor, you can reuse these bat silhouettes for years to come!

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