Bat Skull Necklace & Pin Promotions

Bat Skull Necklace & Pin Promotions
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A Versatile Bone

Skulls are spooky. There's just no doubt about it! The empty eye sockets, the naked teeth and jaw, the black nose're probably picturing a human skull, but animal skulls can be just as spooky! They have their own air of eeriness. It might be simply mysterious, a sign of times long past. Or it can stand for something more sinister, a symbol of large predators or a greater evil. We can think of a few costumes that would benefit from a little skull detailing! Add just the right amount of creepiness with this Bat Skull Necklace & Pin.

Product Details

This simple accessory is both elegant and sinister. The faux skull is quite realistic, right down to the ivory paint job. It can be worn on the plain black cord that is included, or it can be donned on its own as a pin. We think it would look stunning above the neckline of a blood red gown, or pinned to a black velvet label. It could also work as a spooky hatpin! No matter how you choose to wear your new bony accessory, we are confident that it will lend a dash of ominous flair to your look.

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