Beetlejuice Image Capture Canvas Tote Bag Promotions

Beetlejuice Image Capture Canvas Tote Bag Promotions
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Life and Death Made Easy

Being dead isn't easy! The Maitlands learned that pretty quickly after kicking the bucket. Not only do they lose their home to the Deetz family, but they end up getting entangled with the creepy and lewd ghoul, Beetlejuice... and that guy tends to ruin everything! He definitely makes life a little harder, but do you know what can make your life a little easier? A good tote bag! That's right, when you have a great bag to carry around all of your stuff, life gets just a little bit easier.

Product Details

This Beetlejuice Canvas Tote Bag is officially licensed from the classic Tim Burton film. It's made out of a sturdy cotton canvas material and features an image capture print on the side of the bag. It comes with carrying handles on top and features plenty of space inside, which makes it the perfect bag for carrying groceries, or for a round of trick or treating around the neighborhood.

Bag for the Living (or the Dead)

If you're a living soul in need of a bag, a dedicated Beetlejuice fan, or just spooky, newly dead ghost who needs a trick or treat bag, then give this Beetlejuice tote bag a try!

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