Black 60g Large Spider Web w/Spiders Decoration Promotions

Black 60g Large Spider Web w/Spiders Decoration Promotions
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Ditch the Cobwebs

For centuries, spiders have been spinning the same old patterns. Connected strands of sticky white goo that expand all across the room. Ooooh! Yeah, it's pretty impressive. But, c'mon, spiders! Get with the times! We were over wooly white the minute we saw the first shade of color. And, then, we discovered the fierce fun of black! You know that white only turns gray in a matter of minute, especially in a dusty house. It's time to get those tired old webs outta here and upgrade to something with some serious style.

Product Details

Channel the inner mystery of the season when you decorate with over 26 feet of Black Spider Webs! This is 60 grams of stretchy and non-sticky fibers that you can expand to fill an entire room with webs that are truly going to take notice. Just while your guests are ooohing over the epic decor, they'll notice the eight spiders included in the pack! Now these are decorations to die for!

Spiderweb Black is In

Whenever folks run into cobwebs in those old movies, you watch as they get all spooked and just get rid of 'em. But, when you and your guests are surrounded by these Black Spiderwebs, well, you might even enjoy that kind of a fashion statement!