Black Panther Plastic Trick or Treat Pail Promotions

Black Panther Plastic Trick or Treat Pail Promotions
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The Neighborhood Protector

Everyone knows that Black Panther does his duty to protect his people! He'll track down any foe who threatens his people. He'll face off against the most powerful beings in the galaxy to protect Wakanda and his people reward him with respect and loyalty. We're sure that if your little one promises to protect the neighborhood from villains during Halloween, the neighborhood will shower him with candy in gratitude! Your child will definitely need this Black Panther Plastic Trick or Treat Pail to collect all of it! It's the perfect addition to any kid's Black Panther costume!

Product Description

This treat pail is officially licensed from Marvel's Avengers and it's designed to look just like the Black Panther mask from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The pail is made out of molded plastic and comes with a swivel handle, making it easy for your child to carry it around during their big day as Black Panther! The pail is just big enough to fit a few handfuls of candy. Just pair this up with any of our child-size Marvel costumes and your child will be ready to protect the neighborhood (and collect their candy reward for their heroism).

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