Blood Drip Necklace Promotions

Blood Drip Necklace Promotions
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Urban Legend Details

You've heard the story. The delightful couple in marital bliss. The lovely scarf that she wears every day of her youth. She persists in wearing it through dating a young fellow and, despite his curiosity, she can never tell him why!

She wears it on their wedding day and every evening when they go to bed. "Why!?" cries the husband, the story will only come when the time is right. Overcome by curiosity, the man unties the scarf in the midst of the night... and what does he see!?

Product Details

Well, if you don't want the story to end as sadly as the urban legend does, you can wear this Blood Drip Necklace instead. This choker is a bright and shiny red so it looks just like the dribbling blood of someone who got way too close to a guillotine! Perfect for a ghostly costume or for retelling an urban legend with a less fatal surprise!

Bring the Tale to a Head

How would the story have ended if the scarfed woman just told everyone that it was keeping her head on!? Make sure that your story has a much better twist by starting the night off right: with this Blood Drip Necklace!