Bloody Machete Promotions

Bloody Machete Promotions
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Bloody Horrifying

Imagine this. You've crafted the perfect psycho killer costume that ever existed. You've smeared fake blood all over a dark outfit. You've picked out a hockey mask that makes you look like a bone-chilling monster. You've planned out a costume party and invited all of your friends. You've even watched a whole marathon of horror movies in preparation for the big night. Then, you decide to hide during the Halloween party so you can scare each of your guests with your new costume.

The first guest finally arrives. They ring the doorbell. It's your big chance. You quietly sneak up behind them. You shout, "Raaaaawwwwrgh!" as you raise up the... rubber chicken in your hand! Your guest immediately begins laughing at you. Your illusion is ruined and no one is scared. All your hard work was for nothing! And why? Well, you need to have a weapon in your hand, not a rubber chicken!

Product Details

Every horror movie killer knows that they need some kind of terrifying weapon to tote around and a rubber chicken just isn't going to do it. You need this bloody machete toy weapon! It's made out of plastic and has a realistic look. It has fake blood painted all over the blade for an eerie look.

Killer Choice

Now, when you jump out to scare your guests while wielding this bloody machete, you can bet they'll shriek in terror! It's truly a killer choice for any horror movie costume!

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