Bloody Pitchfork Accessory Promotions

Bloody Pitchfork Accessory Promotions
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Making Hay While the Moon Shines

The season of the spook is terrifyingly short. There's just so much to do! It starts with drinking hot apple cider and contemplating the harvested fields of corn and all the haunted scarecrows that could rise up any evening now. That leads to watching the classic Children of the Corn movie which might lead to getting your friends together for a soul-crushing Jeepers Creepers marathon. And hey, you might want to add a little Texas-style shabby chic in there so you'll have to watch the Chainsaw Massacres sooner or later. There's a lot to do, so before you get swept up in all your seasonal rituals, get your costume covered now!

Product Details

This prop pitchfork is just as straightforward as the real deal except it's much more lightweight. Bloody handprints mar the handle. A handle which conveniently breaks comes in two parts to make both shipping and storage a breeze. This rustic look will be a hit whether you're dressing as an evil scarecrow, rural horror villain, or even a zombie farmer!

Pastoral Panic

While revisiting all your favorite rural horror movies you might not even have time to decorate your home for this creepy time of year. Don't worry though. Why don't you start out with this sinister pitchfork accessory and plan from there? Any undead farmer would approve.

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