Bloody Window Hand Print Cling Promotions

Bloody Window Hand Print Cling Promotions
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Window Pains

What is it about ghosts and windows? All good gothic ghost stories have at least one moment where an eerie lady in white or a little boy in old-fashioned clothing moves a curtain aside to gaze at the people below. And it always happens in a room that hasn't been used in years. Or there's the moment when there's someone at the door, only seen by their silhouette through the sheer curtain. And when the hero of the story opens the door, there's no one there! Perhaps it's because ghosts are always wanting in or out of the house that they're haunting. Either way, decorating your windows for Halloween is a great way to stir all of those spooky window stories to life in the minds of anyone who comes to call!

Product Details

It couldn't be easier to apply these bloody handprints to your window. Make it look like something is trying to escape out of your storm door or apply these to the window in your apartment. The beauty of window decoration is that it doesn't take up any space! And when you're done getting spooky, simply slip these off the glass. There's no mess to haunt you once Halloween is over. Guess these decorations aren't a window pain, after all!

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