Blue Professional Cream Makeup Promotions

Blue Professional Cream Makeup Promotions
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True Blue

There are a ton of Halloween costumes that call for a flash—or full face—of blue makeup. Honestly, we can't name a bunch of them (due to copyright rules), but there are a few we can mention. For instance, blue makeup may help transform you into a mermaid, or form the foundation of a killer (fake) bruise. Blue may be used for aliens, some animals, and a race of small, blue cartoon creatures (again. copyright...).

So don't waste another minute pondering the usefulness of this hue—this Blue Professional Cream Makeup belongs in any costume fan's well-stocked toolkit!

Product Details

This tube features makeup that is both hypoallergenic and quick-drying. Win! It washes off easily with good ole' soap and water—no fancy removers necessary. So go ahead and add this blue makeup to your stash of browns, blacks, silvers, and golds. You never know when it'll come in handy to be a bit blue!


Trust us, you'll feel way more confident when you're able to polish off your Halloween costume perfectly. The right makeup is like the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae—a small detail, but people definitely notice when it's missing. Have fun.