Bo Peep Toy Story Dog Costume Promotions

Bo Peep Toy Story Dog Costume Promotions
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first impressions

When we first meet Bo Peep in Pixar's Toy Story, she is clad in a polka dot, pink and white dress. She carries a large blue crook, and wears a wide pink bonnet to protect her eyes from the sun. But by the time we watch Toy Story 4, Bo has gone through a costume change. Life away from Andy has changed her. She wears a blue jumpsuit now, and her crook has a twine grip. But she still has a pink headpiece—this time, it's a bow.

product details

For all this fun sartorial Toy Story history, we are a fan of the classics and we dare to venture a guess that you are, too. So why wouldn't you want your furry little friend to don the same style. This step-in dress comes with stuff arms and a stuffed sheep sewn to the sides and hem, respectively, of the dress. The bonnet has attached synthetic hair, too. Best off all, it's officially licensed, so you can worry less about the quality of Bo Peep's dress fabric and you can worry more about keeping your sheep in line, where Andy is, and which adventure you'll embark on next!