Bricky Blocks Plastic Brick Pendant with Blocks Promotions

Bricky Blocks Plastic Brick Pendant with Blocks Promotions
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Block Party

You're new in town and looking to meet people. So when you heard your neighborhood was having a block party, you couldn't wait to attend. And it seemed only appropriate to wear your Bricky Blocks Pendant for a great first impression!

Ever since you discovered Bricky Blocks, your life has gotten a lot more interesting. Being able to build your own accessories has empowered you to make major changes in your life. Take your new home! You could have made your choice a lot easier by choosing a prefab, but instead, you went and built your dream house, brick by brick. And now you can't wait to share your cool new lease on life with your new neighbors. This pendant can help other Bricky fans find you fast at the party, so you can make new pals in a flash.

Product Details

Who wants a one-style-fits-all model when you can design your own looks? That's what's so awesome about Bricky Blocks. Go ahead and "Brick your style" by using the multi-colored blocks to DIY a piece of jewelry that makes the most of your personality. Both creative and cool, both hobby and art, this new trend is right up your alley.