Broken Doll Makeup Kit Promotions

Broken Doll Makeup Kit Promotions
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Child's Play

When the doll showed up on the doorstep in that mysterious brown box without any address information on the top, the Smith family was confused, of course. Who would mail them such an expensive looking china doll? Still, they thought some well-wisher must have seen the doll in a shop and thought of their little girl Sally who's birthday was just around the corner. They put the doll on her shelf full of stuffed animals and didn't think much more about it. That is, until the doll fell off the shelf at three in the morning, just as Sally woke from a nightmare with a terrified scream. Mr. and Mrs. Smith ran into the room to sooth their daughter. She seemed fine, just shaken. But the doll. . . the doll's porcelain face had shattered beyond repair. The poor Smith family thought they could just throw the doll away. Little did they know it had a mind of its own!

Product Details

You'll have everything you need to transform into the dangerous doll we all feared as children with this creepy broken doll makeup kit. There are eyelashes and glue for both the bottom and upper lashes, white and ivory makeup, and some pink for that painted on blush look. Top the pretty, perfect look off with the cracked porcelain tattoos and you'll be ready to bring those nightmares from our childhood to life!

Toy Chest of Terror

Ready to head out this Halloween? This makeup can be paired with a number of dresses and wigs. And there's no reason to stop there, either. Head out with all sorts of creepy toys from our past such as a stuffed bunny cast off or a terrifying dummy. We always had a bad feeling about that old abandoned toy chest!