Bronze Horned Helmet for Adults Promotions

Bronze Horned Helmet for Adults Promotions
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Pave a Golden Path

If you're trying to make a name for yourself, you definitely need to stand out. Now, normally we don't recommend that folks out on the field of combat draw too much attention. It's a good way to take an arrow to the knee, usually. But, if you're the type of hero that's destined for fame, fortune, and (of course) the throne of the kingdom, you've got to take a few risks. We're not suggesting that you wear a bunch of jewelry or carry a flag that tells people where to aim. We've got something just a bit more multipurpose in mind!

Product Details

Speaking of thinking with your head, show your glowing brilliance with this Bronze Horned Helmet. This costume helm looks like it is made out of solid metal but is actually pretty light and easy to wear. It features details along the ridge of the helmet as well as a diamond nasal guard in front. Two bronze horns flow from the sides for the look of a real warrior. With a look like this, you could probably just skip the battle itself!

A Truly Tough Crown

While fancy headwear of jewels and silver filagree might look pretty great, they don't afford much protection in the field. Instead, choose a faux Bronze Horned Helmet for your crown. (Sure, it isn't battle-ready, either, but it looks the part!)