Brown Werewolf Shoe Covers Promotions

Brown Werewolf Shoe Covers Promotions
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Wary of Werewolves

Do you know how to spot signs of a werewolf in your neighborhood? While catching your neighbor running home in the nude and covered in mud in the wee hours of the morning is a good indicator, there are a few hints that are a little bit more subtle. For one, you might hear eerie howls as soon as the full moon rises every month. Secondly, you might notice that neighborhood animals go missing. How is your squirrel population doing recently. And thirdly, finding strange beastly footprints the size of a man's shoe is an eerie indicator, especially if the footprints are circling around your house. You may want to be more subtle about your interest in werewolves from now on. Someone is onto you!

Product Details

If you want to add credibility to your werewolf costume, these shoe covers are a great way to go! The molded creature's paws are sure to send shivers up the spine of anyone who happens to glance down. They can slip over your own shoes which is great for comfort but won't interrupt your beastly Halloween look. And the best part? You'll still be leaving human footprints so no one will be able to tell that a werewolf was prowling about!

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