Bubble Elephant Toddler Costume Promotions

Bubble Elephant Toddler Costume Promotions

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Elephant Alternative

Have you always wanted a pet elephant? We don’t blame you. From their wiggly trunks to their clumsy walks, they’re charming. But, here’s the thing. Even as babies, elephants are a lot more work than even your toddler.

When a baby elephant is born, they weigh around 250 pounds. Even after a plate full of chicken nuggets and a sippy cup of chocolate milk, your toddler probably only clocks in at about 32 pounds. Baby elephants stand 3 feet tall the second they enter the world. At 3 years old, your toddler may just be reaching 3 feet. And while it sure seems like your toddler eats a lot, they probably don’t quite meet the 3 gallons of milk an elephant calf consumes along with their pounds of plants.

If you still insist on bringing a baby elephant home, though, we’d like to make a suggestion. Instead of making way for the oversized baby, turn your toddler into an elephant! Not literally, but with this Toddler Bubble Elephant Costume.

Design and Details

Your little one will make an excellent alternative to a real baby elephant in this Made by Us elephant costume. The plush hooded tunic is designed to give your toddler an adorable look while keeping them warm for all their Halloween and playtime fun. A plump, bubble shape is created with the fiberfill stuffing layered between the velour outer shell and smooth interior lining. Attached to the back of the tunic is a faux fur-tipped tail. The hood features soft-sculpted ears and a short trunk stitched between embroidered eyes. Complete your toddler’s charming pachyderm look with the included shoe covers that will turn their comfiest pair of sneakers into cute elephant feet.

An Elephant in the Room

Allowing a baby elephant into your home could make for some awkward moments. They’re large and their movements are still a little haphazard. Plus they may just eat everything in your pantry before you have a chance to offer them anything. But, with this exclusive Toddler Bubble Elephant Costume, having an elephant in the room will be a completely adorable situation!

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