Butcher's Cleaver Foam Knife Promotions

Butcher's Cleaver Foam Knife Promotions
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Meat You Later

Oh, hey there. Didn't see you. Why what an interesting sense of style you have! We don't see anyone walking around in long white coats and rubber gloves very often. It's kind of an industrial, grimy look. Very avant-garde. Huh, look at that. You even have the blood-stained cleaver to match your look. Well, the last thing we want to do is insult someone as serious as yourself. We're sure a lot of thought went into your ensemble. But do you mind our contrary opinion on one thing? That, horrendous looking cleaver might be taking your butcher look too far. It's not you, really, it's us. Call us a bunch of babies if you must but we've got a serious case of the heeby-jeebies.

Product Detail

Lighten your load and bring along this creepy yet lightweight cleaver this Halloween. The blade has an ancient look with a slight metallic sheen. Whether you're dressing up as a butcher or an unhinged chef this Halloween, you're sure to stir up some scares with this fifteen-inch prop!

Beef Up Your Costume

In a world full of creepy killer costumes, take a swing at that scariest costume prize with this foam cleaver (not literally, that's just not polite). Never again will you show up to a costume party with a measly, run-of-the-mill prop knife when can really cause some dismay with this monstrous cleaver!

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