Captain Marvel Tier Mat Necklace Promotions

Captain Marvel Tier Mat Necklace Promotions
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We all know that heroes are all about style. Just take a look at the daring Captain Marvel! It definitely takes a pretty bold style sense to wear the flashy outfit that she wears when she's out there fighting bad guys! But does she always wear the full hero gear? What about those days when she's not rocking the full super-suit? What if she needs to head to a dinner party and she still wants to rock some superhero style in her evening wear? Well, that's where this beautiful Captain Marvel tier mat necklace comes into play!


This necklace is officially licensed from Marvel! It recreates the symbol worn by Carol Danvers in the form of 2 star medallions that hang down in front. It features a gold-tined. It has a lobster-claw style clasp in the back, so it's easy to throw on with any outfit!


This piece of Marvel jewelry can be worn added to your Carol Danvers cosplay outfit, but it also works as a great piece to wear with any semi-casual wear. It's a nice way to give a nod to your favorite superhero as you dress up for your next party!

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