Centurion Helmet for Adults Promotions

Centurion Helmet for Adults Promotions
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Barbarians, Why Did It Have to Be Barbarians

It's always barbarians. When you're a Centurion, working for the Emperor, he never sends you off to sip on cocktails on a vacation trip to Sicily. He mostly just orders you to head out west to fight the barbarian hordes who are threatening the Roman borders. But that's life when you're one of the most heavily trained soldiers in the Roman military. Not much you can do, except put your helmet on and get to work!

Of course, life's a little easier these days, and there's little chance that you'll encounter barbarian tribes on the battlefield, but you can still gear up like one of the Roman Empire's most capable warriors when you wear this Centurion Helmet for adults.

Product Details

This realistic-looking helmet is molded into the shape of a classic Roman Centurion helmet. It has a silver, metallic paint job and features decorative gold accents to give it a truly regal appearance. The top has a molded crest and the front even has a face mask and nose guard to make you look ready for battle against a horde of barbarians. Who knows... if the Emperor ever does give you orders, maybe he'll send you on an island vacation instead of a battle against the barbarians! If not, you'll look ready for a fight with this costume helmet!