Checkered Jumbo Clown Shoe Promotions

Checkered Jumbo Clown Shoe Promotions
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Walk the Clown Walk

Well, friend, you're finally doing it. You have been promising for months and months that you're going to quit your fancy Fortune 500 job and run away with the circus...and it seems like today may be the day! Well, great! You've...thought this through, right? We're not trying to dissuade you, it's just that clowning, as a profession, is actually a lot harder than it sounds. And the benefits can be tough. But doing something you really love can be very rewarding.

Here, why don't you do this? Grab a clown costume and try on these Checkered Jumbo Clown Shoes. Maybe taking the whole idea for a dry run this Halloween will give you an idea of clown life. After all, they say if you want to know someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. Now, we don't recommend these giant shoes for long walks, but, you get the idea right? So go ahead and walk the clown walk in these jumbo shoes. If you like it, we'll see you at the circus!

Product Details

This pair of footwear looks authentically kooky, with its oversized silhouette and surprisingly lightweight construction. The laces tie up the solid black panel, while the rest of the shoe is decked out in a black-and-white checkerboard pattern.