Cheerleader Champ Costume Promotions

Cheerleader Champ Costume Promotions
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Gimme a C-U-T-I-E!

OK, your little one may be a bit young to join the school cheer squad (let's be honest, she may still be a bit young to go to school), but she's got pep that cannot be contained! Before she learns all those high kicks and herkies, she'll need basic rhythm and skills...except for the screaming and yelling loudly part, she's got that down already! Prep her early for her debut with this Cheerleader Champ Costume, and she'll be squad-ready by the time auditions roll around.

The other great thing about this bubbly costume is you can teach her early on to root for everyone around her. Her little brother won't eat his broccoli? Maybe a "Rah-rah! Eat that Broc!" from his sister would encourage him? Her classmate has a dreaded trip to the dentist? A special, morale-boosting routine may be in order! In this costume, she'll learn not only cute coordination, but also how to rally around others to help make life more cheerful! Win-win!

Product Details

Also, did we mention this outfit is pink? Because it is! The dress has a bubblegum-pink hue atop white sleeves and turtleneck base. The whole look has a nice sheen, a fun megaphone graphic, and the word "Cheerleader" atop the chest! You'll need to pick up her matching pink and white pom poms separately, but otherwise, she's ready to romp around the neighborhood, spreading her unique message, "Gimme a C. Gimme an A. Gimme an N. Gimme a D. Gimme a Y. Now gimme all your CANDY (please)!"

Pep Patrol

Now that she knows how much fun it can be to cheer on others, she'll likely spend most of Halloween patrolling the neighborhood, ensuring everyone is having the most F-U-N as possible. No long faces or tears on her watch! She's here to spread the cheer!

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